How to cancel a subscription subscription

Online on the website, without a statement in the sales department
Since August 1, we have simplified the way to cancel subscription subscriptions. Now you no longer need to write a statement to the sales department in 10 days.
You can cancel your subscription yourself through your personal account on our website.
What needs to be done for this?
1️⃣ Log in to your personal account 
If you do not remember your password or have never logged into your personal account, use the "Forgot password?" button.
2️⃣ Go to the section "Profile" -> "Contract"
3️⃣ Select your current contract from the list
4️⃣ Click on the "End Contract" button
Pay attention: 
✅ In the first month of subscription, you can disable it only 1 day before the date of the next payment.
 Starting from the second month, you can cancel your subscription at any time when it is convenient for you.
You will be able to continue going to the fitness club until the end of the paid period. When this period ends, we will not automatically extend it and charge you the next payment.
Any other questions?
Contact the reception or your manager, they will definitely help you 
Thank you for choosing MyFitab.
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