Water aerobics classes

Diverse and effective group activities in the pool
What are the advantages of swimming in the pool? Why are they so loved?
They are safe for the musculoskeletal system.
Water supports and reduces the load on it. Thanks to this, classes are held less strenuously, without injuries and contribute to the uniform development of the entire musculature.
They contribute to weight loss and have a good effect on strengthening the whole body.
Classes in the pool have increased efficiency due to water resistance - overcoming it, you train all muscle groups at once. In addition, with your movements, the water creates massage movements that additionally stimulate the muscles and tone them up.
All vital systems of the body develop harmoniously.
Classes in the pool strengthen the cardiovascular system well, improve blood circulation and lymph flow. With regular classes, you will get a beautiful posture, improve your appearance, health and mood. Develop strength and endurance.  
At MyFitlab, aquafitness classes are held at MyFitlab Ice Academy.
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