HIIT high-intensity interval training

In our schedule you will find a lot of training in this direction. For example: Tabata, Synrgy360, TRX, HIIT, Aqua HIIT.
What kind of training is this, what is the secret of their effectiveness and why is everyone so fond of them? Let's figure it out.
HIIT (High-intensity interval training) or HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is one of the most effective and popular training schemes. This type of sports activity consists in the sequential alternation of high and low intensity loads. It will help to lose excess weight, increase endurance and strengthen muscles.
How does it work?
High-intensity interval training burns subcutaneous fat much faster than stable continuous exercises. This has been proven by many scientific studies.
During HIIT classes, the high intensity phase does not last long, 10-20 seconds, and is replaced by a low intensity interval, which lasts much longer. The metabolism is activated precisely at this moment of alternating intervals. First of all, the body uses glycogen reserves, which are contained in the muscles, and then begins to "process" its own fat layer, using fat as "fuel".
The main goal of such training is to accelerate the metabolism in the body – it helps to achieve the fastest possible fat burning in a short period of time.
The most important thing is that the metabolism remains active for some time after the class, which is why HIIT workouts are so effective in terms of fat burning.
Advantages of HIIT training
There are really a lot of them:
HIIT training is more effective than a stable continuous load.
The metabolism is activated. The metabolism remains active and your body continues to process fat even after training, during recovery.
Such workouts strengthen the muscles well.
Increase strength and endurance.
The cardiovascular system is strengthened.
Cons and contraindications:
Due to the high intensity intervals, this type of training may not be suitable for everyone, so it is better to refrain from HIIT training:
If you have diseases of the heart and blood vessels, respiratory organs, diabetes mellitus.
It is better for people with a lot of excess weight to start with more gentle programs, strengthen their physical shape and only then move on to high-intensity training.
For beginners or after a long break in training, it is also better to increase the load gradually, smoothly preparing your body for intensive training. 
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