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Pilates Studio with premium equipment
Pilates as a system of physical exercises was developed by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the XX century for rehabilitation after injuries. These classes develop the muscles of the whole body, improve posture, coordination, and teach you to better control your movements.
The basis of Pilates is dynamic loads without strain and overstrain at a slow pace, which involve deep—lying muscles and require considerable effort. Pilates focuses on the interaction of mind and body, with a focus on strengthening the whole body with slow power loads. Each muscle is worked out for both strength and traction.
Usually classes are held on mats, with special equipment: balls, rings, expanders, rolls.
And in the fitness clubs of Preobrazhenskaya and Rokossovsky we have Pilates studios on simulators with professional equipment: reformer, Cadillac, spine corrector and others.
Pilates on simulators is considered more effective than classes on mats, but requires increased attention and high qualification of the instructor: simulators allow you to adjust the load and more accurately place accents, it is possible to adapt each exercise to a specific person. The number of exercises and their variations on the simulators is much more than on the mat.
The main advantages of the program: increased awareness and control in the performance of exercises.
The effect of classes: regular classes will help improve posture, improve the spine and joints, develop balance and flexibility.
Training level: suitable for everyone
Form of clothing: tight comfortable sportswear, barefoot
Direction: body&mind
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