Unique body&mind directions

New unique training formats that are difficult to find anywhere else
Our fitness clubs have not only the most popular and well-known group programs, but also unique directions that you should definitely try!
These are BODYART® and deepWORK®
BODYART® is the world's first mind&body functional workout.
In the BODYART® concept, the human body is perceived as a unity of three components: body, mind and soul. Classes combine therapeutic exercises, strength and flexibility exercises, classical breathing techniques. BODYART® has twice been recognized as the best fitness concept in the world. 
The effect of classes: Helps to strengthen and stretch muscles at the same time, relieve stress, remove back pain, improve posture, understand and feel your body.
Level of training: from average and above
Form of clothing: comfortable sports uniform, barefoot
Direction: body&mind EXCLUSIVE
deepWORK® is a new dimension in functional training! This unique direction was developed in Germany, combines the advantages of mind&body and functional training.
This is an athletic, simple and at the same time complex, unique and unlike all the programs you know, a workout full of energy. It is inspired by four natural elements: earth, wood, fire, metal, water. It is based on the principles of Yin and Yang, combines the physical and mental opposites of functional training. It is aimed not only at physical development, but also at emotional balance.
The effect of classes: you can burn up to 1000 kcal in one workout! You will quickly tighten your body, improve strength, endurance, coordination, speed, joint mobility and flexibility.
Training level: high
Form of clothing: comfortable sports uniform, barefoot
Direction: body&mind EXCLUSIVE, functional training  
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