Fitness testing

A unique development of the MyFitlab team
Before starting classes, we recommend taking a free fitness test with a personal trainer at any of our clubs in Moscow. 
What does it consist of and why go through it? 
Fitness testing is carried out according to a specially developed methodology and consists of several stages. 
We determine your goals and find out if you have any contraindications for classes using a short questionnaire. 
Find out the percentage of muscle and fat, body mass index and many other useful information about your body on the InBody body composition analyzer. 
We conduct a computer assessment of posture to identify violations and exclude exercises from the training program that can harm. 
We will understand how your body is ready for training, evaluate mobility and stability, identify muscle imbalance and asymmetry using a motor test patented by FMS (USA).
The coach will assess the overall level of your physical fitness, take into account contraindications, help you set fitness goals correctly, give recommendations on the training program and nutrition. 
Your workouts will become more conscious and effective, because you will eliminate exercises and types of loads that can cause harm and risk injury, you will be able to choose a training regime taking into account exactly your characteristics. 
We recommend that you take a fitness test once a month to monitor your progress in training and adjust the training program in time.. 
You can take the first fitness test for free during your first visit to the club or after buying a subscription. 
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