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If you are looking for a gym in Moscow, classes in which will bring you joy, and the atmosphere will inspire new records —welcome to MyFitlab! 
What is special about our gyms? 
Professional simulators
Premium quality — it is convenient and pleasant to practice on them. There are a lot of them, they are different, and we have a lot of additional inventory. Therefore, it will be easy for you to diversify your workouts.
Competent zoning
Despite the variety, the simulators are arranged in groups so that you do not have to run from one corner of the hall to another during the next superset. There is enough free space between the simulators — no one bothers anyone. 
Modern and pleasant design
Not only in the gym itself, but also in the locker rooms and recreation areas. It's nice to be here and train, I want to come back here again and again. The atmosphere inspires us to achieve new results.
Our clubs are cleaned 24/7. We carry out a complete cleaning of all premises every night when the club closes, and during the day there is always a cleaning service in the halls — they disinfect inventory and carry out the current cleaning. That's why our clubs are always clean. 
Fresh air
Good air conditioning and ventilation systems provide clean air and a comfortable temperature both in summer and in winter.  
Clubs are not crowded with people
We monitor the number of season tickets sold relative to the capacity of each club. Therefore, we do not have queues for exercise machines, it is comfortable to be in halls and locker rooms. 
In addition, in our mobile application, you can always see online how many people are currently in the club, and adjust the time of your visit. 
Support for trainers 
There is a trainer on duty in the hall, to whom you can always ask a question about the technique of performing exercises. If the coach sees gross violations in the technique, he will approach himself and offer help.
Free fitness testing 
We recommend that everyone take it before starting training. It was developed by us according to a unique methodology and consists of several stages. 
Thanks to fitness testing, you will be able to exclude exercises and types of loads that can harm and risk injury, correctly set fitness goals, and the trainer will help you professionally choose the load and training regime taking into account your characteristics.   
You can read more about fitness testing and sign up here 
Convenient rates and payment methods
Choose for yourself: subscribe with a monthly renewal or buy a subscription for a year; go to only one club or get access to all the clubs in the network; whether group classes will be included in your card.

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