Group workouts at the fitness club

Group classes with online recording
At MyFitlab, group classes are a bit different from what everyone is used to seeing in fitness clubs. We call them SMART groups. 
How do SMART groups differ from other group classes? 
The number of participants is always limited
You will get the maximum attention of the coach, almost like at a personal training session — you will work out the technique better and get a greater effect from the lesson. We limit the number of participants in the group not by the capacity of the halls, but by the number of people to whom the coach can pay attention without compromising the quality of the lesson. 
Various directions 
Strength, functional, HIIT and cardio will help you lose weight, strengthen muscles, and develop endurance. Mind&body classes, such as Pilates, yoga, BODYART, will make the training more conscious, improve posture, add grace to movements. Stretching and myofascial release classes will help you become more flexible and relax your muscles. 
The schedule includes not only popular and well—loved group directions, such as ZUMBA, yoga, stretching and various types of aquafitness, but also rare and unique ones, for example, Pilates on simulators, GYM -group classes in the gym, BODYART and DEEPWORK, TRX loop workouts. 
Your classes will always be diverse, everyone will find something to their liking and you will always be able to try something new.
Cleanliness and fresh air 
It will be comfortable and pleasant for you to study: spacious halls with enough space for everyone. 
Good air conditioning and ventilation systems provide clean air and a comfortable temperature both in summer and in winter. 
We disinfect the mats and equipment after each class. 
It is convenient to choose and sign up for classes
In the MyFitlab mobile application, we publish the current schedule of SMART groups, a detailed description of classes and coaches who will conduct them. Through the app it is very convenient to choose workouts, sign up for groups and manage your record.

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