Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose and pay for a club card on our website or in the MyFitlab mobile app. Then, when you first visit the club, you will need to contact the reception to get a contract, a club card or a locker lock. Or come to the sales department of the fitness club and get a subscription from the manager.
The final price for a club card will depend on the club you choose and the type of subscription. For all detailed information about prices and types of subscriptions, see the "Prices" section on the page of each fitness club on our website.
Such a subscription does not need to be paid for a year in advance. The payment will be automatically debited from your bank card every month. You can always cancel your subscription.
The introductory payment is made only for subscription subscriptions. Its price includes: a club card or a locker lock, registration in the electronic system of the fitness club, trial group classes and fitness testing. If you have interrupted your subscription, and then decided to renew your subscription, then the introductory payment will need to be paid again.
We monitor the number of season tickets sold compared to the number of customers that each of our fitness clubs is designed for. And if the club is very full, then the price in it will be higher than in a more free fitness club. We do this for your comfort, so that there are no queues for exercise equipment and tightness in the locker rooms during rush hours. In clubs with a swimming pool, a subscription is more expensive, because pools and saunas require regular maintenance and their operation is more expensive than "dry" clubs.
Yes, you can buy a subscription for another one. And we will give you a beautiful envelope to make your gift even more pleasant
Children's fitness is available in our clubs MyFitlab Pushkinskaya, Ice Academy and Yasenevo. The schedule of children's group classes can be viewed in the general schedule of the fitness club.
You can cancel your subscription at any time through your personal account on the website or by writing an application to the sales department 10 days before the date of debiting the next payment.
When you buy a club card in the MyFitlab app or on the website, you can choose any date within a week from the date of payment. And when buying through a manager, you can set any activation date at will.
Yes, you can extend your subscription in advance. The new period is activated after the old one ends.
You can, for this you need to freeze it. The cards for a year and six months of FLEX, ULTRA and ULTRA+ tariffs already include freezing days. And for the rest of the season tickets, you can buy them through the app or at the reception.
Yes, you can renew your subscription to another person. To do this, you need to contact the sales department.
Training sessions with a personal trainer cost from 2,590 rubles. The cost depends on the category of the trainer and the training block – the larger the block, the more profitable. And we also have a "Test Drive" package - a special 50% discount on the first three classes.
Yes, you can come to a group lesson for free for the first time – you need to pre-register for it. Or take a fitness test with a personal trainer.
All types of subscriptions include the first free fitness testing, and personal training must be purchased separately. Take advantage of the "Test Drive" package - it gives a 50% discount on the first three personal workouts.
Fitness testing is carried out according to a specially developed methodology and consists of several stages: a questionnaire, a motor test, an analysis of body composition, a computer assessment of posture and a trainer's consultation. This is necessary in order to correctly set goals before starting classes, eliminate exercises that do not suit you, reduce the risk of injury, and choose a suitable training regime. If you take the test regularly, you will be able to monitor your progress qualitatively.
If you have any contraindications or concerns, you definitely need to take a fitness test. It's free. The trainer will evaluate your physical fitness, help you eliminate dangerous exercises and give recommendations on loads.
All club cards include from 1 to 3 trial group classes – how many are available to you, you can check at the reception. Unlimited group classes are included only in the ULTRA+ and ULTRA subscriptions. If you have another subscription, then you can buy classes for yourself. To do this, you need to contact the reception or the sales department.
We have more than 40 types of group programs: from the most popular to unique. In the schedule you will find detailed descriptions of each workout, including the requirements for the level of training – this will help you navigate through all the variety. The schedule is available in our application and on the website page of each club. But it's better to go to a fitness test – the trainer will tell you the appropriate directions and frequency of classes.
It is important to us that the coach pays maximum attention to each participant, and your training was effective. Therefore, the number of participants in each group is always limited by the number of people that the coach can keep track of without losing the quality of training. To do this, we have entered a preliminary record.
If you miss 3 classes in two weeks without canceling the appointment in time, then you will not be able to sign up and attend group training for the next two weeks. When two weeks have passed since the last pass, you will be able to sign up and go to groups again. This is done so that you do not forget to cancel your appointment if your plans have changed and you will not be able to come to class. After all, many groups are filled to the maximum and someone could take your vacant place.
To do this, we have a special tariff – ULTRA+. Such a subscription gives you the right to go to all fitness clubs in our network for all types of classes.
We have no restrictions on the number of visits – go as much as you want, at least three times a day – we will always be glad to see you
You can go to our fitness clubs on your own from the age of 16. Up to 16 years old – only accompanied by an adult or a personal trainer.
Your subscription data is securely stored in our system. Contact the reception: they will let you through if you forgot your card, and they will give you a new one if you lost it.
The FLEX, ULTRA and ULTRA+ subscriptions include guest visits, for which you can bring friends or acquaintances with you. To find out how many guest visits you have, contact the reception. It is important that your guest takes his passport with him. And we also have a special offer "Bring a friend" for which you will receive cashback for purchases of friends in our fitness clubs on your recommendation.

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