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Yoga in MyFitlab is a modern interpretation of an ancient practice, aimed at working with the body, attention and breathing.
Fitness yoga includes:
Static exercises to improve mobility.
Dynamic - to improve flexibility and strength.
Therapeutic and breathing exercises to relax the nervous system, improve blood supply and oxygen saturation.
Regular yoga classes will help improve joint mobility, body flexibility and muscle strength, relax the nervous system, improve blood supply and activate brain activity.
In addition to strengthening the body, yoga will help you cope with the high rhythm of life in the hustle and bustle of the city, increased stress on the psyche and intelligence. It will relieve sleep disorders, reduce stress levels and help to find peace.
In all fitness clubs of the MyFitlab network you will find classes in various areas of yoga: from adapted fitness yoga, to pranayama and yoga nidra. And in MyFitlab Preobrazhenskaya there is yoga in hammocks.
Choose a suitable activity in the schedule and be sure to come to our yoga in MyFitlab!

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